CheckSum ILS-3000

CheckSum ILS-3000 is a powerful, flexible, and proven production test system that supports the complete suite of CheckSum’s test capabilities for ICT, ISP, and PFT (Parallel Functional Testing).


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  • Easy integration with all Checksum test electronics
  • Standard dual-level probing
  • Top and bottom probing
  • Integrated rack for optimal 3rd party instrumentation
  • Less than 60 second fixture changover
  • Rapid and precise press actuation
  • Up to 3000 test points supported

  • CheckSum ICT
    • 4 x Faster in-circuit panel test
  • CheckSum MultiWriter
    • Program up to 384 devices in parallel
  • CheckSum PFT
    • Funtionally test an entrie panel of boards in parallel

We understand that all applications are unique and have their own challanges, that’s why our dedicated support team are on hand to help you when it matters most.

Designed for in-line high volume parallel PCBA panel testing applications, the CheckSum ILS-3000 is a fast, accurate and stable system with easy progrm development, a proven platform with billions of boards tested on over 4000 systems deployed globally.

Customers testing in a in-line environment will find that CheckSum’s ILS-3000 Test System is ideal for in-circuit test. The unique dual-level operation allows for functional testing using the same fixture as in-circuit testing.

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