Adaptsys Limited offers a range of equipment for companies that need device programming, tape & reel equipment, peel force testing, parts counters, tape splicers and carrier tape. We supply sales, technical and field support services for all products and have a UK based Repair centre, approved by our principles.

Adaptsys offer a range of solutions for automated and manual tasks to meet the unique requirements of our customers. We supply and offer full technical support for device programming, tape & reel, ICT/ISP, carrier tape, vision inspection and in-line, on-demand tape forming.

Programmers: Includes manual and automated device programmers for either In Circuit Programming / In System Programming or Out of Circuit Programming.

Covering EPROM, PLD, MCU, FLASH or any other Programmable Device from leading Semiconductor Manufacturers such as Intel, PIC, Spansion and Greenline.

Tape and Reel Equipment: Includes manual or automated manufacturer equipment to insert parts into carrier tape, count parts, splice carrier tapes, we also manufacture the Reflex ODT brand of carrier tape in the UK.


Solutions from one-off prototyping through to production of millions of devices per year.

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Tape and Reel

Tape and reel solutions that improve the speed and accuracy of components placed in carrier tapes.

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Explore opportunities to improve efficiencies and quality in their programming and test processes.

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In-line Taping

On Demand Tape. The portable, cost effective, carrier tape forming machine. Created by Adaptsys and deployed on the Re-flex II, On-Demand Tape is a revolutionary technology that eliminates the need to source and hold bulky stock of pre-formed tape, thereby saving on costs and storage space, and making logistics and shipping more manageable.

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Vision Inspection

Following many years in the tape and reel industry, supplying taping machines and carrier tapes to our clients, we have designed and built our own Vision Inspection System that integrates seamlessly onto the TM50 range of taping machines.

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Carrier Tape

We supply leading brand embossed carrier tapes and custom carrier tapes using our Reflex™ On Demand Tape forming system, produced by Adaptsys in the UK.

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