BPM 3901 the lowest cost APS with vision centering and true universal programming technology.

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  • WhisperTeach
    • Provides automated Z-height detection, critical for each pick/place location. Setup is fast and accurate, reducing teach time as much as 83%.
  • 9th Generation site technology
    • Offers the broadest support in the industry at unsurpassed programming speeds. Support more devices on a single site platfrom than any other.
  • CyberOptics
    • For fast set-up, true CDP support, and on-the-fly alignment for maximum quality and productivity.
  • Up to four 9th Gen sites
    • Vector Engine and BitBlast provides full universal support at incredible speeds for up to 16 sockets.

  • Up to four 9th Gen sites
  • Up to 16 sockets programmed cocurrently
  • Compatible with most existing 7th and 8th Gen socket cards and alogrithms

  • Tape input/output
  • Tray stacker
  • Tray shuttle
  • Tube input/output
  • Laser marker

We understand that all applications are unique and have their own challanges, that’s why our dedicated support team are on hand to help you when it matters most.

The BPM3901 is the feature-rich Automated Programming System offering precise vision alignment and true universal programming technology at the lowest cost of ownership. Based on BPM’s proven 3910, this highly flexible APS supports the full complement of input/ output peripherals and is configurable with up to 16 sockets using 9th Gen programming site technology.

By combining vision alignment for high quality and yield, industry best programming speeds with 9th Gen, plus fast job setup and changeover with BPWin process control software and optional award-winning WhisperTeach, the BPM3901 offers unmatched productivity at an unequalled value. The system boasts real production output of up to 1,088 devices per hour, while handling a broad range of packages, including CSP. The BPM3901 is offered in a variety of bundled configurations that allow it to support price-competitive markets, while providing features, versatility and reliability unavailable from cheaper systems. The 3901 truly delivers Extreme Value.

The 3901, BPM’s High-Value Automated Programmer with up to 4 sites, is made for programming low power/large data devices, such as  MCUs, eMMC, NAND, NOR, and Serial Flash devices.  High-speed signals support devices up to 200 Mhz and the latest eMMC HS400 modes with data transfer rates of 2.5 nanoseconds per byte. With data transfer rates to 50 Gb per second, and verify rates up to 200 MB per second, the 3928 offers the industry’s fastest times with even more capacity compared to other systems in its class.

This is up to 9 times faster than competing “universal” programmers, offering the Largest Memory Support in the industry―256 GB, upgradeable to 512 GB. Plus, by downloading image files up to 25 MB per second to all programmers simultaneously, the system rapidly produces devices at maximum achievable throughput.

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