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Carrier Tape – Solutions for Electronic Parts

Leading brand pocketed and embossed carrier tapes are held in stock here in the UK which can greatly help you to reduce the time it takes to get parts into tape for your electronic assembly or sub contract demands.

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With our strategic partnerships, we can procure and supply to you different types of carrier tapes used to package devices such as semiconductors, passives, mechanical or custom parts. This is useful if you are looking for low volumes or carrier tape so that you do not have to deal with high minimum order quantities, shipping delays and the costs that are associated with importing from suppliers that maybe based in the USA or Asia.

All carrier tapes are provided by tape manufacturers according to EIA-481 or IEC 60286 standard for the packaging of components for automatic handing.

Standard embossed carrier tape widths include: 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, 44mm, 56mm up to 200mm.
Tape materials include: Clear and Black Polycarbonate (PC), Black Polystyrene (PS), 3 Layer (PS, ABS, PS).
ESD Characteristic types include: Conductive, Non Conductive or Static Dissipative.

Due to the many thousands of different sizes and types of parts that can be packaged in embossed carrier tapes, we would advise you to contact us directly with your exact requirements so that we can search and provide details of suitable tapes for your application.

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