BPM Laser Dongle Upgrades

BPM announces a limited time period, free upgrade on Laser Dongle keys on their Automated Programmers.

This offer has now expired.

BPM Sales wrote:

In order to advance our BPWin software, we will be making incremental improvements to key feature components. Beginning with BPWin version 5.24.0 scheduled for release in the coming week, BPWin will now run with the latest American Laserware ProLase7 software. This means that if you operate a laser marker and wish to download the latest version of BPWin, you will need to purchase a new ProLase7 software license dongle.
Our standard price for the new ProLase7 software license dongle for BPWin is $5,000, however we would like to offer a limited time only upgrade at no cost to you, on the following conditions.
To take advantage of this upgrade offer, you will be required to ship your existing USB dongle to BPM Microsystems, LPT dongles are not usable as part of this offer. In return we will ship two dongles – one will allow the use of BPWin 5.24.0 with ProLase7, and the other will be an electronically marked “old” dongle in order to run previous BPWin software versions.
BPWin software versions prior to 5.24.0 will require the “old” dongle. Both dongles can be installed simultaneously.
To change out the old dongle, which is a USB device connected to the system PC, you simply remove the old dongle and plug in the two new USB dongles to the available USB slots on the system PC.
Please contact a member of our sales team immediately for your warranty exchange RMA number. Our inside sales and tech support team will be glad to answer any questions you may have on this upgrade.
Furthermore, BPWin 5.24.0 with ProLase7 will run under Windows 2000 and XP operating systems. You will not be required to update your current Windows operating system.

If you wish to take advantage of this limited time offer, then please contact your local Adaptsys Sales or Service engineer to make the required arrangements.

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